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Winner of the First Dbgt tournament      

Name: Shen Goku
Age: 17
Race: Saiyajin
Stats: 162263/164110
Level: 6
EXP: 68248/112415
Home Planet
: Planet Vegeta
Current Planet: Earth

Ozaru: Change into a giant monkey x10 to stats. Require: Monkey tail, see the moon.
Super Saiyajin 1: ????
Super Saiyajin 2: ????
Super Saiyajin 3: ????
Super Saiyajin 4: ????
Hado-Ken: Shen Goku's strongest ki blast, still in developement +40% to attack
Noctis Tenebrae: Creates 1 to 7 spirits, each of them has 25% of Shen's HP and KI, uses 1 AP per spirits.
Nocturna Enfiri: All my spirit can fusion in one Demon. Spirit's X7.
Taioken: Removes the Attack, dodge and counter commands for the opponent when this technique is used. This tech lasts for 1d3 turns. - 5 AP -