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Seran Antyrael's Profile

Super Saiyajin Seran---- Super Saiyajin 4 Seran

Name: Seran
Age: 20
Race: Super Saiyajin
Stats: 2243431/2204117
Level: 16
EXP: 647349/655604
Home Planet
: Planet Vegeta
Current Planet: None
Seran is a pure saiyajin warrior who is devoted to the fighting. He will always fight for a better challenge. He was sent on Freeza's planet before planet Vegeta got destroyed, he found out that Freeza was responsible for his planet's destruction, he want to kill Freeza with his own hands.
Techs: (4)
Ozaru: Change into a giant monkey x10 to stats. Require: Monkey tail, see the moon.
Super Saiyajin 1: X2 to your KI +1 to hit but trans takes 10000 KI.
Super Saiyajin 2: X3 to your KI -1 to hits but trans takes 100000 KI
Super Saiyajin 3: ????
Super Saiyajin 4: ????
Final Kamehameha: Seran's strongest ki attack, still in developement, adds +34% to attack. * Guided Shot X2 +40% (4/5)
Kaioken: Can do x2 to 20 to your KI.
Raging Demon: Uncounterable, +1 to roll(2/3)
Fusion Dance: Fusion with another person.

Normal Seran

Sword: +2% Dmgs
Saiyajin Armor: -3% damages received
Scouter: Detects KI, Maximum: 200 000 KI
Senzu Bean x2
(Owned by the party)
Dragon Radar x1 (Owned by the party)