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Seran Antyrael's Profile

Super Saiyajin Seran---- Super Saiyajin 4 Seran

Name: Seran
Age: 20
Race: Saiyan
Stats: 2369/3284/7
Level: 7
EXP: 4715/6834
Wins: 11
Defeats: 5
Draws: 1
Home Planet
: Planet Vegeta
Current Planet: New Planet Vegeta

Techs: (1)
Ozaru: Change into a giant monkey x10 to stats. Require: Monkey tail, see the moon.
Super Saiyajin 1: ????
Super Saiyajin 2: ????
Super Saiyajin 3: ????
Super Saiyajin 4: ????
En Satsu Koko Ryu Ha: Summons a great black dragon to consume your ennemy. +40% Damages, uses Full Power.
Black Dragon Fist: With the strenght of a great Black dragon, the user uppercuts the ennemy, it is said few can resist this attack. +1 to Attack roll.
Dark Dragon God's Sword: Creates a sword in Seran's hands wich drains blood from who it hits, it can release the power it stored as one strong attack if the weilder wishes to.
Stores 10% of the damages done to an ennemy using the sword, the weilder can release the damages stored in it if he wants to, then the sword vanishes. Uses 4 AP.
Kamehameha: Charges for 1 turn (KA ME HA ME HA!!!!), X3 to KI Beam. - 5 AP -

APP: 1/11
TP: 0/3
KI Shield - Uses 2 AP - Uses KI to block a KI Blast
Quick - Uses 5 AP - +1 to every rolls for a period of 1d6 turns
Accumulate - Uses 3 AP - +25% to max KI for the fight. (Can do it more than once)

Untransformed Seran

- Sword: +2% Dmgs
- Saiyajin Armor: -3% damages received
- Scouter: Detects KI, Maximum:
200 000 KI
- 400 lbs Training Clothes: +5% HP after a battle -15% KI when it is equiped.