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"I am the Alpha and the Omega, The begining and the end"

Name: Genis
Age: 18
Height: 6'1"
Race: Tugul
Homeworld: Planet Plant
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Purplish Gray
Power Level: 400/400

BIO:   Genis was a renoned war hero to the tugul people. Known through out the land for his ferocity on the battle field. Durining a Fight witht the savages he was overwhelemed by a group of them and taken prisoner.

Genis was not seen nor heard from for months. One day, nearly a year later, he returned to his people but badly injuried. Weeks went by and as he began to recover he started to do strange things they'd only seen the savages do. He could summon energy to his hand and release it as a destructive force. He would float about in the air with no mechanical aid. Fearing what he might do to them they froze him in suspended animation, and sealed him in a deep cavren.

Months later Planet Planet was over thrown by the saiyan savages and all memory of him was lost. Years later when the tyrant Frieza destroyed Planet Planet his suspended animation capsule drifted in space until a group of salvagers found it and freed him.

Now Free and having learned what has become of his people and his home he lies in wait for the day he will have his revenge on both Saiyan and Changeling alike.

Hyoukyo Blast - Genis adds 50% of his base ki to an oncoming ki blast and it "possesses" the blast and sends it back at the oppenent.

Shadow Companion - Charges for 1 turn. After the charge is completed, Genis splits into 2. Each of their stats being approximately half of Genis's base stats, it will last for the remainder of the battle. Ex. If 5000/5000 performed Shadow Companion, they would each be 2500/2500.

Hyper Fighter - Genis channels 60% of his ki into increasing his perception of his fights.
His chance for possesion is decreased 40% and Shadow companion is disabled but in the end of the fight he gains an extra 15% exp if he wins and 10% if he loses.