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Dyrian Archvender's Profile

Name: Dyrian Archvender
Age: 21
Race: Aldrennian(saiyajin)
Stats: 450/450
Level: 1
EXP: 0/700
Home Planet
: Aldrenn
Current Planet: Aldrenn
Background:Dyrian is a warrior from the planet Adlrenn,which whas destroyed by him and 3 or 4 others saiyajins.Transforming into Ozaru,Dyrian and his rivals ravaged the land and killed an great race.So,when he realized what he had destroy many life forms,he quit the planet and cut his tail.So that he cannot injured another life form like he did in the past.He return to his homeland,and try with a bunch of human and animals and other life forms,to reborn the planet.So that's why there is only one village in Adlrenn.So he is the last remaining Aldrennian.
STORY OF ALDRENN:2000 years before,a race that is extincted by now was gathering cells from all over the universe.they implanted it in a planet,and make them grow.Tha's how the aldrennian where made.So,depending on wich part of the planet you born,you can be a melange of all the races,or a unique race that could have been separated of the world.Aldrennian excels at sword technique,while their special technique are really diminued,almost inexistent.but if you try a punch fight,be aware.

Ozaru: Change into a giant monkey x10 to stats. Require: Monkey tail, see the moon.
Regenation: His little cells of namek make him regenerate a little,about a 0.5 hp per 1 ki.
Super Saiyajin 1: ????
Super Saiyajin 2: ????
Super Saiyajin 3: ????
Luminaire: Dyrian's strongest ki blast, still in developement +31% to attack.