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Crovex's Profile

Name: Crovex
Age: 18
Race: Super Saiyajin
Stats: 502903/502903
Level: 18
EXP: 1644383/2124158
Home Planet
: Planet Vegeta
Current Planet:
crovex was abandened by his parents on planet namek and he was raised and trained by the nameks. Although he left before he learned regen he has devolped his own tecnique.
Ozaru: Change into a giant monkey x10 to stats. Require: tail, see the moon.
Super Saiyajin 1: X2 to KI, takes 10000 to transform, +1 to phys roll.
Super Saiyajin 2: ????
Super Saiyajin 3: ????
Super Saiyajin 4: ????
Sabaki: Drains 20% of his oppents bp and adds it to his own.