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Math in RAGE

Math going in total RAGE !

Math Firing KI

Math Firing KI


Name : Mathizias Dezial
Age  : 127
Race : Namek
Lvl  : 2
Home Planet    : Namek
Current Planet : Earth
Background :
Math has been send here by one of the eldest Nameks, they told him that  he was one of the last of the Dragon-Nameks. After he arrived on earth he has been training in all sorts of skills and martial arts.
His one wish is to return to the planet Namek and see his father the Guru and grant him his powers.

: Usually Nameks, get +2 HP/per ki when used (can be used at will, as long as you have KI, ex: I regen 2000 HP, lost 1000 Ki)
Greater HP : Get a bonus of + 25% HP per level.
Spiral Beam : This is a beam which can be compared with the Kamehameha's beam, but this one gives +25% to total KI.

End of Maths Profile