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Dragon Ball GT
Episode 01
The Saiyan from Namek

Crovex is a young Saiyajin warrior raised on planet Namek since his birth. Crovex is in his house and sudenly he senses an amazing power... like he never felt before...

*** Crovex senses a greater power.

Crovex "wow what can that be with such great power"

* Crovex walks out side his house
He sees something falling from the sky, it looks like a shooting star, but he can tell it's not... Then he sees another fall not too far from there

* crovex powers up Crovex "There's another one"

Crovex 's powerlevel is rising...!!!

Crovex can cleary tell that one of the two powers is close to his.
* crovex flies towards the nearest one.
Then he sees some kind of capsule (Saiyajin capsule)
* crovex looks shocked.

Crovex "I think i remeber something like that"

Crovex "it is a ship"

Crovex "and theres a power inside"

It opens and some kind of big guy gets out of it

Crovex "Who are you?"

Saiyajin "I am called Babanan, and who are you? I thought this planet was Namek"

Crovex "Yes it is but i am not from here, they tell me that my parents left me here"

Crovex "why have you come here?"

* crovex has his tail in view

Babanan "! I never thought I'd meet another Saiyajin here!"

Crovex "Saiyajin? What is that?"

Crovex "and i will ask again why have you come here"

Babanan "Thats my people, we're the strongest specy of the universe! Don't tell me you don't know where you're from!"

Crovex "no i don't"

Babanan "Oh well... I have come to challenge this planet's strongest fighters and then give it to the changelings..."

Crovex "What are changlins?"

Crovex "And who says we will fight you!"

Babanan "YOU consider yourself Namek?! You're of Saiyajin blood and side with those goblins?!"

Crovex "They are not goblins they are family"

Babanan "Ridiculous! You will come with us and destroy this damned Planet"

Crovex "and if you fight them you will lose if not to them to me"

Crovex "No, you won't harm this planet" Crovex "I will not let you!"

Babanan "Like you want... Just try to handle my friend here... Seran! Come and fight this little guy"

* crovex lands

Crovex "Bring it on!" A man comes from behind Crovex

* crovex turns

Seran "That's too easy, Babanan, you underestimate me!"

Crovex "You think you can beat me well just try"

Seran "Ha! I can hear a Saiyajin talking right now, not a Namek!"


Seran vs. Crovex

* crovex fully powers up (but with weitghted clothes)

Crovex "I will show you my power"

Seran "Then let's begin"

* crovex prepares for battle

Call it ODDS or EVENS

Crovex: odds

Roll= 4

Seran - Evens

* Seran goes in a fury of punches then uppercuts Crovex

Roll= 4

* crovex dodges

Roll= 4

Crovex dodged seran's attack

* crovex goes back at seran with a fury of knees to the balls

Roll= 1 Crovex missed Seran goes in a fury of kicks and high kicks in the face.( Crovex )

Roll= 3

* crovex counters

Roll= 1

Crovex failed to counter...

Crovex damage taken : 43 damage

* crovex stumbles back back then boots seran in the face with a drop kick

Roll= 1

Crovex missed

* Seran goes in a fury of punches then uppercuts Crovex

Roll= 5

* crovex blocks

Crovex damage taken : 43 damage

* crovex runshes at seran leaps above him then fires 200 ki at him

* Seran blocks the ki blast

Seran damage taken : 100 damage

Seran "Not bad... For a goblin"

* Seran goes in a fury of punches then uppercuts Crovex

Roll= 5

Crovex "Call us what you want but you will die" *

crovex blocks

Crovex damage taken : 43 damage

* crovex kicks seran in the face and abdomen

Roll= 4

* Seran dodges Crovex's attack

Roll= 2

Seran Failed to dodge

Seran damage taken : 64 damage

* Seran kicks Crovex in the face and abdomen.

Roll= 3

* crovex counters by catching the leg and throws seran up and flys at him and elbows him in the gut

Roll= 1

Crovex Missed

Crovex damage taken : 43 damage

* crovex stumbles back but then jumps and gives seran a round house in the side of the head.

Roll= 3 * Seran blocks

Seran damage taken : 21 damage

Seran "Let's finish this!"

* Seran gathers energy in his fists and fires it to Crovex (200 KI)

* crovex repels

Roll= 18 %

Crovex "Back at you"

Seran "How...?! HOW CAN IT BE?!"

* Seran repels it back

Roll= 79 %

Seran failed to repel it back at Crovex

Crovex "good night"

Seran damage taken : 200 damage

Seran "Babanan... He...He's stronger than he looks..."

Seran "Damn... this body is too weak..."

* crovex follows that up with another 200 ki of his own

* Seran blocks

Seran damage taken : 100 damage

* Seran falls to his knees, out of strenght

Crovex "I guess your down do about a 2oth of your health"

Crovex "Get up"

Babanan "Useless grunt!" *

Babanan finishes Seran with a kick in the face

* crovex fires 40 ki at seran to finish him just for fun

Something comes out of Seran's body and runs away.

Crovex "What was that?"

Babanan "Huh?! I don't know! Ha well... That thing seemed like a Tugul... I thought we saiyans had almost killed all of them a while ago..."

Crovex "Thats nice so do i kill you now or what?"

Babanan "Don't underestimate me, I'm a lot more powerful than that weakling, Seran"

Crovex "Well i clearly am too i guess"

Crovex won against Seran!

Crovex gains 106 Experience

Seran gains 53 Experience

End of Episode 01 - Game Master: Seran

(c) Mathizias & Seran