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This is a game based on Text. The game can be played on mIRC so you must have mIRC to play. It is on the EFNET servers and channel name is : #dbgt_rpg

The Changelings Saga

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18 November
Some new items and rules have been added or modified, also, Frieza was killed, but the saga has not ended yet, Koola and King Cold watched Frieza die at the powerful Final Kamehameha of Seran. Koola and King Cold are even stronger, now that the Z warriors were all killed, who will succeed? The changelings? Seran, Shen, Trunks, Crovex and Milo?
14 November
New rules have been added, like the reduced damages rules, be sure to read all of it, game masters... I also added new races from Dragon Ball Z and GT, item breaking rules (swords, armors etc...). Also I added a new rule of "more ki than hp" in other words of you have more than 350% of your base hp in ki, you're going to explode, if you have made this using SSJ1 transform or Kaioken, you'll have 1 turn to attack or cancel your technique.

28 October

Well the story mode has started and soem of the fighters have fougth a actuel game character...(I havent..boehoe...)Well I seen pretty strong fighters which we gotta take on...So ppl goto the rpg channel and battle yourselfs crazy !!!
This will be all for now -

26 October

The site has been screwed up by Seran but thats no problem I already fixed but Fighters pay attention cuz the Story mode will start on Friday and then u must be ready and expect the worst of enemies !!!And since we had some problems with the DBZ arena we are prolly delayed with the Story mode but when all is fixed we will really start !! CyA - Mathizias

24 October

Well the site is comepletly done now and the first fights have been fought so, we only need some more members and then we can start the rpg - Mathizias

23 October

This is the first day with the new layout plz mail me if you dont like it but i think its ok and I just made a couple of changes - Mathizias

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