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This is a game based on Text. The game can be played on mIRC so you must have mIRC to play. It is on the EFNET servers and channel name is : #dbgt_rpg
Don't forget to visit Dragon Ball Z Arena, a mIRC text based RPG like ours, but very different of course...

The Super Saiyan Saga (GM: Seran)

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Files and DBGT RPG fanfics
28 June 2001
The 1st Tournament of Dragon Ball GT RPG finally ended! The winners are...
1st - Shen Goku ---> Taioken
2nd - Seran -------> Kamehameha
3rd - Gotera-------> +2 TP +4 AP
Click here to see the tournament sheet... The sheet will be added to the misc. sections, as well as every other tournaments.
20 June 2001

We've got a lot of new members lately but few of them are showing, why did you join if you didn't want to play? If that's some kind of joke, then you're very stupid! If you think something like that will bother me? I just write a new name and write all the stats I know without looking at the rules... If you got any question on it or can't join Efnet server, maessage me on ICQ, my uin is 12265096.

I noticed there's too much saiyans in DBGT RPG right now and removed them from the join form, if you want to join, choose another race please, Nameks and humans are strong races too, there's also majins, Tuguls and androids, you can even create your own race.

13 June 2001
Rodimus of Dragon Ball Z Arena made a new header for Dragon Ball GT RPG, you can see it at the top left of the screen, or click here for the full size. Thank you, Rodimus for your work :) - Seran Antyrael
7 June 2001

I've agreed with Rodimus, of DBZ Arena, to stop that stupid "war" between the arena and DBGT RPG, so now, DBZA members are free to join DBGT RPG with and they won't be banned from any side, same for us, so please, don't kick or ban every DBZA members that enter our channel...

I've also put the abilities system up, if you have question about that new rule, just ask me on mIRC.

I got some new members submissions but I haven't seen them on our channel yet, if you don't remember, our channel is #DBGT_RPG on EFnet, if you need to know some working Efnet Server, just message me on icq(ICQ UIN: 12265096) or e-mail me.- Seran Antyrael

30 Mai 2001
I will put the abilities rules and the list (of course) tomorow, I already put the AP, so now the stats are HP/KI/AP, but AP are the equivalent of your levels so you don't have to always mention it... - Seran Antyrael
29 Mai 2001
Today starts the Super Saiyajin Saga, well, probably today, also, the Dragon Ball Z Arena (DBZA) asked me to join with them. I'm still uncertain, I will post news about my decision soon. I'll be changing the dragon ball gt strongest fighters images above when someone will level up... - Seran Antyrael
25 Mai 2001
The stats are now reseted, I deleted all the members on the member list, so if you want to join again, just go to the join page and fill the form, if you joined before today, then you need to fill that form again, also, I copied all the rpg story in .doc files and I will be posting it on the page as fan fics. - Seran Antyrael
19 April 2001

Good news, Dragon Ball GT RPG is up again, today on April 19 2001.
I hope to see every new members on the channel and ready to play, the channel may be empty when you join it, probably because not everyone knows that the rpg starts again.
Please add me to your ICQ list so that we may discuss of it further.
ICQ UIN: 12265096

See you on channel #DBGT_RPG on US Efnet - Seran Antyrael

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