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Planet Vegeta:
Home planet of the saiyajins, 2 races once lived on planet Vegeta, the primitive saiyajins and the advanced Tuffuls, however, the saiyajins attacked the tuffuls at night (full moon), they all turned into ozarus and crushed the Tufful civilisation. Later this planet was destroyed by Freeza but, the remaining saiyajins didn't know who destroyed it.
- Status: Destroyed

Planet Namek:
Home planet of the nameks, this planet is peaceful, however, Freeza heard there was dragon balls on namek, so he decided to to go get them there, of course Freeza's metods are to destroy the planet when his work is done.
- Status: Still existing

Planet Earth:
Home planet of the humans, most of the people on this planet don't even ecceed 5 ki, they are not fighters, however, some are but the human race is not a very strong one, or not known to be one. Even with low ki, they are still barbarous some times.
Strangely, there is different kinds of race on this planet mostly habited by humans, saiyajins, half saiyajins and even nameks were found there.
- Status: Still existing

For now you'll only hear of these 3 planets, more will be added when the game will be ready for it.


(c) Mathizias & Seran