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Dragon Balls:

- 7 Dragon Balls.
- Grant 1 Wish.
- Will take 1 year to come back.
1 month for the players

- 7 Dragon Balls (Bigger than the ones of earth)
- Grant 3 wishes
- Will take 4 months to come back 2 weeks for the players

Dark Star Dragon Balls:
- 7 Dragon Balls spread all over the universe
- Grant 1 Wish
- You will have to travel through universe to get them, planets are determined by the game masters.

Any wish can be granted, immortality, revive someone (only works once per kind of dragon balls), create a planet or bring back a planet that was destroyed, but not ANYTHING, some things cannot be granted. It can also be to turn someone into a kid or bring him back to an adult.


(c) Mathizias & Seran

(c) Mathizias & Seran