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Dragon Ball GT RPG
Rules Version 2.0



Human: Humans live on planet earth, most of them are weak but they can be very strong if they train hard. - Easy KI leveling - Has more starting techniques (2).
Half-Saiyan: They were born from a saiyan and a human, when they are angry, very angry, their KI rises temporarily, it can also help them become Super Saiyans easily, a lot more easy than a pure Saiyan. - Rage X4 - Super Saiyan 1 - Super Saiyan 2.
1/4 Saiyajin: They are the sons/daughters of the half-saiyans, they are very close to humans but they also have saiyan blood. - Easy Ki Leveling - Rage X3 to KI - Super Saiyan 1
Saiyan: The saiyans are one of the strongest race in the universe when they transform into super saiyans, their KI rises greatly. - Super Saiyan 1 - Super Saiyan 2 - Super Saiyan 3 - Super Saiyan 4 - Ozaru - Golden Ozaru - Saiyans' special power: X2 to what they get if they win under 8% KI.
: They are green skinned, they got no hair, they don't need to drink, or to eat and they reproduce alone at the cost of KI. - Regenaration - Healing.
Android: The androids are very strong, their KI cannot be sensed but it can be scouted.
They can scout power. - Exact KI sensing.
Creation: Depending on the cels you choose for yor character.
Changeling: They are born with great power and like the saiyans, they can transform in many forms. - 1st Transformation - 2nd Transformation - 3rd Transformation - 4th Transformation - 5th Transformation (Seen it in Coola movie)
Tugul: Although they are potentially weak, the Tugul can possess bodies, when they flee the body or leave it, they lay eggs inside it, wich means they still "control" that body, you need holy water or a wish to clean a body of the eggs. - Possess.
Majin: The majin are a strong ancient race. - Regenaration - Stone Curse.

Advantages and Disadvantages:
Easy KI Leveling:
Has more Starting Techniques: Starts with 2 special techs.
Rage X?: When they are angry, the Half -Saiyans and 1/4 Saiyans' power level rise greatly. See the rules for it...
Super Saiyan 1: X2 to max KI temporarily and get +1 to every physical attack rolls, you need to get a X4 rage and (2 Rages for a saiyan) and at least 1 000 000 KI.
Super Saiyan 2: X3 to max KI temporarily, but you have -1 to every physical attack rolls (since SS2 is slower but stronger) you need to get a X6 Rage and at least 5 000 000 KI.
Super Saiyan 3: X4 to max KI temporarily, you don't have any bonus or malus rolls, you need to be pure hearted and the 2 firsts saiyan transformations, and of course, 25 000 000 KI.
Super Saiyan 4: X5 to max KI temporarily, like the SS3, you got +1 to every physical rolls, you need at least 100 000 000 KI and the Golden Ozaru Transformation.
Ozaru: The saiyans and half-saiyans can change in Ozarus when they see the moon or if a Create "moon" technique is used and of course, a saiyan must still have a tail. The Ozaru is berserk, this means he doesn't have control over his character. X10 To KI.
Golden Ozaru: Like the Ozaru you need to see a moon, but the Golden Ozaru needs to see the FULL moon and must be very strong to change. X12 to KI.
Regeneration: You can use this special technique to regenerate your body at the cost of KI.
Healing: With this technique, the user can heal anybody exept for Androids and non-biological characters.
Exact KI Sensing: Like a scouter but "natural", androids and other "machines or robots" have this kind of scouters.
1st Transformation: This is the first Changeling Transformation, X1.8 to KI, form changes considerably. Needs 530000 KI.
2nd Transformation: The second Changeling Transformation, X4.7 to KI, form changes considerably. Needs 1 000 000 KI.
3rd Transformation: The third Changeling Transformation, X7.4 to KI, form changes considerably. Needs 2500000 KI.
4th Transformation: The fourth Changeling Transformation, X8 to KI, bigger muscles. Needs 3000000 KI.
5th Transformation: The fifth Changeling Transformation, X10 to KI, looks a little like the 4th but different. Needs 10 000 000 KI.
Possess: Someone with this ability can possess anybody even if his KI is lower than his openent's. When controling a body, the user can learn one of the special techniques the possessed one has, you have 60% of learning, -10% to every advantages(TP), wich means that if the guy has 5 TP in a technique you'll have 10% of learning his tech.

Starting Stats:

Battle Power(Ki): 400
Ability Points(AP): 2
Technique Points(TP): 2

Battle Power(Ki): 450
Ability Points(AP): 1
Technique Points(TP): 1

Battle Power(Ki): 500
Ability Points(AP): 1
Technique Points(TP): 1

Battle Power(Ki): 460
Ability Points: 1
Technique Points: 1

Battle Power(Ki): 500
Ability Points(AP): 1
Technique Points(TP): 1

Battle Power(Ki): Variated
Ability Points(AP): 1
Technique Points(TP): 1

Battle Power(Ki): 600
Aility Points(AP): 1
Technique Points(TP): 0

Battle Power(Ki): 300
Ability Points(AP): 1
Technique Points(TP): 1

Battle Power(KI): 400
Ability Points(AP): 1
Technique Points(TP): 1

How do your stats grow in the new version?:

The stats will grow after each fight, depending on the actions you took in the fight, the more damage you get, the more KI you will get, the more damage you do, the more KI you will get.

Damaged by
Punch: +2%
Kick: +3%
Grab/throw: +4%
Ki Blast:
- Damages 100% of your KI = +4%
- Damages 75% of your KI = +3%
- Damages 50% of your KI = 2%
- Damages 25% of your KI = 1%

Damage ennemy by
Punch: +1%
Kick: +1.5%
Grab/throw: +2%
Ki Blast:
- Use 100% of your KI = +5%
- Use 75% of your KI = +4%
- Use 50% of your KI = 3%
- Use 25% of your KI = 2%

Experience and levels : - REMOVED!

Experience and levels have been removed in Dragon Ball GT RPG 2nd Edition, there's no level system in DB/DBZ/DBGT, their KI or Battle Power just levels after every fight, and it will be the same in DBGT RPG.

Ki and Ki Blasts:

Like in the previous version of Dragon Ball GT RPG, you can fire KI blasts wich uses KI (KI and HP are now mixed), you have to choose how much KI you'll be firing, exemple: If you fire 500 KI to your ennemy, then he'll get 500 damages (if of course, he doesn't block, dodge, repel or counter). Here are the actions you can do to counter a KI blast.

Counter: This means you counter your ennemy's KI blast with a ki blast, the one with the lower KI (you can add ki while countering) has to repel, dodge or block. Dodge: This is risky but if you succeed in dodging someone's KI blast, you don't get any damages. You got 50% chances to dodge a KI blast, A +10% is added when you have +50% KI than the KI blast fired on you.
Repel: This is more risky than dodging, when you repel a KI Blast to its owner, he can dodge, block or repel again. You got 25% chances to repel a KI blast on someone, A +10% is added when you have +25% KI than the KI blast fired on you.
Block: When you block a KI blast, you just get half damages.

*KI Shield: You use KI to block KI, this can only be used as an ability.

Special Techniques:

Although you need TP to learn them, techniques need AP to use be used. You can learn any of the advantages below, but they need to be mastered in order to get a new TP. You can create new advantages, or advantages that would only be used by your character by messaging me on mIRC.

Your first technique is supposed to your strongest, your strongest technique can have a mximum of 5 advantage in it. A created technique can only have 3 advantages... However, humans have 6 advs for their first and 4 for others since they excel in special techniques.

X2 ki: This technique needs 2 TP to be learned, it fires X2 KI. The technique starts at X0.1, add +1 everytime the technique is used, the technique is mastered when it reaches X2.
Cannot be dodged, countered, repeled or blocked: At first you only have 60% to your cannot be dodged, countered, repeled or blocked (choose only 1 of them), you get a +1% everytime you use it, you master it when it reaches 100%.
+40% to Attack: You start with +01% Damage, add +1% when you use it, you master it when it reaches 40%. The 40% is NOT added to your KI when countering, it is only added to damages.
Attack All: Your attack affects every ennemy in a certain range. The range gets bigger everytime you use it. -5% to dodge, cannot be countered, cannot be repeled, but it CAN be KI shielded. +1% to the -5% to dodge everytime you use it, mastered when it reaches -25%.

Rage: - Same

You turn rage when you get 15% damage or more in one attack, you can turn rage but you have
to get at least 8 with the 2 rolls(x2 to your KI), for an half-Saiyajin, they need 8 to go rage x3, 12 to go rage x4.

Physical Attacks: - Same

0: Failure: -5% to your KI
1: Miss
2: Minimum Damages: 5% of your ki to damages
3: Normal Attack: 10% of your ki to damages
4: Medium Attack: 15% of your ki to damages
5: Perfect Attack: 20% of your ki to damages
6: Critical Hit: 25% of your ki to damages
7: Exeptional Hit: 30% of your ki to damages
8: Super Attack: 35% of your ki to damages
9: Hyper Attack: 40% of your ki to damages

When you do a physical attack, you have to choose what kind of attack you do, the choices are: Punch, Kick, Grab/Throw.

Punches: No bonuses or maluses.
Kick: +4% to damages, your openent has a -1 to dodge (wich means that if you roll 6 with a kick, if he chooses to dodge, he has to roll 4,5,6).
Grab/Throw: This is a strong attack, but it can be easily countered. -2 to dodge, -1 to counter, cannot block, +1 roll

Physical attacks don't use ki.
When you want to dodge an attack, you have to get higher than -1 of your
oponent's attack roll. Exemple if he gets 4 you have to get 4-5-6 to dodge
The numbers in blue can only be reached by bonuses like +1 to rolls(like Super Saiyajin)

: - Same

Fusion Dance: 2 people with the same power must make the fusion dance to fuse, when you are fused, it will give a strong being, with the powers of the 2 people. The fusion only lasts for 30 minutes, the stronger of the 2 people who fused can also equal his power to the other. The power, name and controller of the fusion will be determined by the game masters
The fusion's perfection or failure is determined with percentages.
25%: Perfect Fusion: All the advantages of your fusion with this person. X2 to your KI and
the other's ki. exemple: Vegeta: 5000 Goku 5000 then it would be... Gogeta: 20000
50%: Near Failure Fusion: The Fusion is successful but not perfect, you get the ki of the 2
people. exemple: Vegeta 5000 Goku 5000.... Gogeta: 10000. And you don't get any fusion bonus.
75%: Skinny Fusion: A skinny Fusion, a little stronger than Fat fusion but still weak.
You're KI is 10.
100%: Fat Fusion: A big fat ugly fusion, really weak, set KI to 5.
Porterra Fusion: A simple fusion that is possible by wearing earings, if the 2 wear an earing, each on the oposite side of the other, then they will fuse. Can last for eternity but can also be canceled if the earings are destroyed.

Items, Armors and weapons: -Same
: Slashing Bonus: +2% damages, 5% to break if ennemy blocks. IF you use it to block you block 75% of the damages but it has 35% to break.
Tapion's Sword
Type: Holy Bonus: +10% damages, +25% to Hildegarn, indestructible. Malus: Cannot be used to block.
Tapion's Ocarina:
Type: Holy, seal Bonus: Hildegran cannot move for 2 turns if the special melody is played, if you succeed in playing this song for 2 turns, then Hildegarn is sealed within the one who played the Ocarina. Malus: Cannot attack or defend while playing the Ocarina.
Greater Scouter: Can detect to a maximum of 50 000 000 KI, if you surpass this, it explodes.
Royal Scouter: Can detect any power, cannot explode.
Royal Saiyajin Armor: Armor that the king of the saiyajins, King Vegeta wears, it is handed down to the descendants of the familly. Bonus: %5 Protect Malus: You must roll under 50% to have the 5% protect bonus.
Type: None Bonus: +3% Malus: 60% block, destroyed if used for blocking.
Type Blocking Bonus: +10% Block Malus: 40% to break after each hit.
Type: None Bonus: +5% damages Malus: Cannot block, if used to block, it breaks. Everytime used it has 10% to break.
Weighted Training Clothes:
Type: Training Bonus: Gain more exp after a battle. Malus: When you wear the weighted clothes, your KI is reduced, of course it returns to 100% when you remove it.
500 lbs: 400 to 1000 KI -5% to your KI +0.1 to KI after every fight.
Other Items
Senzu Bean: Recovers all of your HP and KI
Dragon Radar: Used to detect the dragon balls, can detect any kinds of dragon balls.
Holy Water: This water is used to purify someone's body, if you are under the control of a Tugul, you will need this holy water to clear yourself.

Item Breaking Rule: -Same

When you have an item equiped such as a sword, armor or scouter, they can break, here are the rules for it...
Saiyajin Armor: 15% to break under massive physical attacks (more than 100% ki than you). It can
also break easily under massive KI blasts(more than 100% than yours) 50% to break.
Sword: 5% to break if oponent blocks, 35% to break if you block with it (75% block).
Scouter: 75% to break if the scouter detects a power higher than 200 000.

Note that these rules are temporary, they will be changed back to the old rules if they're not good enough, this is just considered a beta test for now, but every member is free to test it with me. Click here to go to the old rules.

(c) Mathizias & Seran