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Dragon Ball GT RPG

Abilities can be learned by leveling, you get an AP (ability point) at every levels or by self training. The abilities needs AP, what you get(max) at every levels. In the list below, Pts needed means this: Points needed to learn the tech/Points needed to use it. INF abilities are abilites that you keep for the rest of the RPG

APP are the AP you use to LEARN abilties, they're almost the same as AP. Exemple: If you learn the "Quick" ability wich needs 5 APP and 5 AP, if you learn it, your stats will be 0 APP and 5 AP.

AP are also used when you use a special, it uses the same amount of AP as you have TP in that technique, so you can use your special techniques more than once in a fight now.

Saiyan Abilities:

Ability Pts needed What it does
Quick 5/5 +1 to every rolls for a period of 1d6 turns
Create Moon 7/6
2000 KI
Creates a 17 000 Zenos KI Ball similar to a moon's light (Ozaru Transform).
Boost 5/5 +20% to current HP (Maximum)
Accumulate 1/3 +25% to max KI for the fight. (Can do it more than once)

Namek Abilities:

Ability Pts needed What it does
Healing 8/4 Heals random percent of your HP.
Telekinesis 2/1 Move objects from distance.
Greater Hearing 1/INF Hear from great distance, even low sounds.

Half-Saiyan Abilities

Ability Pts needed What it does
Berserk 10/8 Instant Rage.
Two weapons 7/INF Can use 2 weapons
Weapon Mastery 5/INF  

Human Abilities

Ability Pts needed What it does
Two Handed 5/INF +1 to every rolls with a weapon.
Concentration 10/8 X2 to max KI

General Abilties (For every races)

Ability Pts needed What it does
KI Shield 4/2 Uses ki to block a ki blast.
Cover 4/2 Cover an ally: -1 oponent's roll to cover.
Sacrifice 10/10 X4 KI damage to every surronding characters & yourself
Sense 1/INF Allows you to sense another person's power.
Flying 1/INF Allows you to fly.


(c) Mathizias & Seran